is still in development, latest release is the 0.7e01 win32(2023.08.01)

What is Dropped!

Dropped! is a one person made game, the development started in 2017 and still need some more years to come to an end. In Dropped! you play an unfortunate condemned woman, waiting for her execution in her cell and there is now way to avoid being executed. Spend your time like any condemned, take a nap and your nightmares to find and collect items, choose carefully the gown and accessories you will wear at the gallows, watch carefully by the windows your jailmates being punished the way they desserve. Then, make your pray and dangle high!

What is in the demo version?

The demo is strictly identical to the release 0.7e01, except some gallows and lot of clothes are missing. Every other functions of the full release are supported.

Support me!

I need your help, A game like Dropped! is more than thousands hours of hard work. And there is still a lot to do! By supprting me, you give this game a chance to see the light of day, and there is no other game like Dropped! in the world.

How to get the game

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By subscribing, you won't only access to the full latest release of the game, you will have access to all my artworks I did so far on the subject of hanged women!

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Every patreon who has given at least 30USD will be given a full membership here at Ladies in Erotic Death, as long as they continue supporting me! The deal worth it!

Don't miss the opportunity to try it!

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Dropped! Ver 0.7e01demo