is still in development, latest release is the 0.6c Win32(2021.01.13)


Dropped! is a 3D game where you take the control of an unfortunate convicted of various crimes woman. You still have some time to spend in your cell before to be led to the gallows. Read some fashion catalogs and buy your favourite gear, spend time in your dressing testing different clothes! But when it's 9' the door of your cell opens and escorted by guards, it's time to meet your fate!

Sure it is the very first time you play this side of the story...

Once suspended, if you are fortunate enough to didn't have your neck broken, you will have to struggle hard, always a good opportunity to get some extra points! it is a game and all is about ranking!

As your life is fading away, take the time to enjoy the view of your mates dying beside you and hear the subtle noise of creaking ropes!

And of course, don't forget to get ready for your next ride!

what's new in the current release?

-New loading screen, showing unlocked gallows when leveling up
-New loading screen, showing wich gallows/with who the player will be executed
-2 new gallows, a very short-drop and a very long-drop with individual trapdoors
-In cell, the player can look through the window, seeing the gallows
-New kind of clothes, the player can be hanged in armored suit
-Rework of the gaol, a chapelle, serving as a pinioning room has been added
-The player can have a last pray on BDSM pray chair on the chapelle
-New characters, guards who can block passages and push the player in the right dirction when needed
-Basic dialog system added
-Hanging mates are adapting themselves when forced to choose another noose than planed
-The executrice can now place the noose at the back of the neck as well at the side
-Complete rework of animation system for walking/hanging situations, complete recode of all characters to have them move more fluide
-New ending screen

Don't miss the opportunity to try it!

If it is your kind of stuff, you can try the previous release 0.5d, of course, it misses all the new features of the current release but will give you a good look about what the direction this game is taking!

Dropped! Ver 0.5d win32(Zip)